Webinar: Quality in Open Badges


This webinar, organized by the Nordplus project Open Badges for Folkbildning, looks at the thorny issue of quality.  Grainne Hamilton from DigitalMe is the right person to lead us into the world of Open Badges, focusing on current development issues, and especially questions of quality. You will also get to know the project, network with likeminded people, and ask questions about the status, challenges and future of Open Badges. This is 1 hour well spent!

Register here: http://bit.ly/OpenBadgesWebinar2016

Date: 19.10.
Deadline for registration: 17.10.
Language: English
Cost: This webinar is free
Duration: The webinar will last 1 hour. We will start at 14.30 CET

Grainne Hamilton is the Programme Director for Higher Education and Adult Learning with DigitalMe.
Grainne’s varied background includes leading the development of the Jisc Open Badges Toolkit, contributing to the Mozilla Discover project, which involved developing badge-based pathways to employment, as well as founding and facilitating the Open Badges in Scottish Education Group. Most recently, she was Senior Consultant at Blackboard, which involved helping a global range of clients make best use of their teaching and learning systems. At DigitalMe, Grainne contributes her expertise to a range of projects and further develops the Open Badges ecosystem in Scotland.

Webinar participation guide:  http://oersverige.se/taking-part-in-a-webinar/

More about DigitalMe

DigitalMe is re-imagining learning for the 21st Century & equipping young people with the skills and competencies they need to thrive in work and life.

We don’t accept that learning should be dull for children or irrelevant for employers. We have seen that when young people are provided with the right tools, projects and real world opportunities, amazing learning can happen.

We are dedicated to helping educators use technology for the development of authentic learning experiences, which are relevant, challenging, fun and prepare young people for success in life and work.

Using Mozilla Open Badges, we are working together with teachers, charities and employers to create a new digital currency that recognises all young people’s skills and talents.

By embracing open standards and partnership working we aim to transform the learning landscape and increase the life chances of young people.

We are a not-for-profit organisation funded by foundations and through project design and delivery. Any profit we make goes back into the development of our learning programmes to reach the most disadvantaged learners.

New project – meet old project

Yes i know. It can be a bit confusing at times. These pages were previously used for a Nordplus project on Open Badges (2014-2016). Rather than starting a new site for our Nordplus project 2016-2018 we decided to join forces.

It makes sense, if you think about it. The 2014-2016 project produced a lot of good material, results that we are more than happy to use and disseminate. Obviously the transition period can be a bit daunting. For the time being we are keeping the 2014-2016 partner page and presentation live, as that project is just wounding up.

But soon those pages will be archived, and the new ones will be published in their place.