Off-roads certification for the digital society

Strenghthen your CV with Open badges or find people with the right skills.

Open Badges are emerging as a way of validating and showcasing competence. They can be designed to acknowledge skills, attitudes, experience and achievements that do not fit in formal grading systems. Open Badges are digital by default and ready to be displayed in online contexts. They are being used in schools, volunteering and companies’ staff training.

How can we – educators, employers, tech experts, 21st century citizens – deploy Open Badges to bridge the competence recognition gap between sectors, for example between the volunteering sector and the labour market?

Join us in a “silent webinar” on Open Badges and meet badge developer Laimonias Ragauskas from the Lithuanian organisation LiNA. Laimonas has worked with Mozilla and Badgecraft and is currently helping youth organisations to promote new ways of showcasing skills and competences for a transformed society. He will present badge systems and digital badges portfolios that have been developed for European validation.

Laimonas will also address challenges and needs for further innovation in Open Badges that connect skills, development work and employers.

Grab a lunch, plug your earphones in and connect to


Log in as “guest” and write your name.

You can follow the webinar live on Monday, 21 November and Tuesday 22 November at CET 12.55-13.20. If you intend to take part via your mobile phone you will need to install the Adobe Connect app.
Welcome to talk to us at Internetdagarna in the Digidel-stand or in Facebook or on Twitter using #folkbadge.

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