Seminar “Open badges in adult education”

24th November 2017
European information centre, Gedimino pr. 16, Vilnius, Lithuania  

Registration (Deadline 15th November)

If you are working in lifelong learning and are willing to explore how open digital badges can help your organisation to recognise competences of adult educators, then this is the right event for you. An international team of experts from Finland, Sweden and Lithuania has conducted a survey identifying core competences of a good adult educator. The result (over 200 replies) has fed into the creation of Open Badges on 3 core competences for adult educators. At this event we will present, test and collect feedback about the system together with you. The day consists of two parts. One part presents the methodology, the system, and the learning concepts we build upon. The second is a hands-on workshop for you to start developing your own badge system. Please indicate in the registration form if you are planning to take part in the first or second or both workshops. Of course everyone is also invited for the common networking lunch from 13:00 to 14:30.

This seminar is a multiplying event for the international project “Open badges in folkbildning”, supported by Nordplus programme. It is free of charge.

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