About the project 2014-16

Open badges for adult educators was a Nordplus project where the aim was to develop and launch an Open Badge for adult learning facilitators, who contribute to the recognition of adult learning and the professional development of adult educators via social media and networks.

Nordic adult education needs more voices in (social) media in order to strengthen its identity and presence on the Internet and live up to its mission of being an important player for digital inclusion.

Educational social media outlets, such as blogs, online-papers, webinars, podcast channels, resource portals, sharing sites for Open Educational Resources (OER) etc, do not sufficiently engage adult educators in sharing experiences and participating in online dialogue. A cross-Nordic approach broadens the group of potential contributors and creates an opportunity for synergies and viral effects.

Furthermore, teachers in the adult education sector need to harness the power of the Internet for their own professional development and for the benefit of their learners.
Badges are an innovative digital way of acknowledging achievement, knowledge, skills and attitudes. Badges are increasingly emerging in web-based learning all over the world, both within the educational sector and working life.

A Nordic badge, addressed to teachers, will serve a threefold purpose: as an incentive for activities, as a credential for efforts and competences and as an example of good practice. The badge will be embedded in an ecosystem for self-regulative quality assurance and long-term sustainability and proliferation.

The project Open Badges for Adult Educators ran from August 2014-August 2016. On these pages you will find all the results of the project.

We will continue to use this website for the Nordplus project Open Badges in folkbildning (2016-2018) which builds on the results from Open Badges for Adult educators.

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See our Storify board for a collection of tweets and online resources related to open Badges.

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This projects is supported by the Nordplus Adult programme.
Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ most important programme in the area of lifelong learning.




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