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We now offer no less than 10 badges tailor made for adult educators!

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All these nine badges are available free of charge. To get one of them, click on this link, create a free account and join our Badgecraft project.

You can also scan this QR-code


Our classic badge: AdEO

First: read this page. Then: apply for the AdEO badge by clicking the picture of the badge (below) or from a link at the end of the page (after the instructions).


AdEO – Adult Educator Online

Would you like to learn more about Open badges? How they can be both fun and a pedagogical tool? Why not start by earning one of your own?

It is not difficult.

The badge we are awarding is called AdEO – short for Adult Educator Online. You can earn it easily by showing that you have illustrated or discussed lifelong learning online. The AdEO badge is based on five inputs using various social media and tools and a brief reflection.

The badge was developed by adult education organizations in Finland, Iceland and Sweden in a Nordplus Adult Education project.

Your five inputs can be in English or in a Nordic language (Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian or Danish).


Here is how the process works:

  1. Start by opening an account on Open Badge Passport or Mozilla backpack. Be sure to use the same email address as you use for accessing your social media platforms. And be sure to save your login information for using when accepting the badge.
  2. Prepare your application by saving 5 screenshots, text files (PDF), pictures, links etc. as well as the text on how you have promoted online adult learning through these contributions. It is a good idea to collect your contributions this way in advance, It makes it easier to access them when filling out the application and to resend them if something gets lost on the way.
  3. Fill in and submit an application. Be sure to use the same email address as you used when opening an account on Open Badge Passport or Mozilla backpack. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your submission. Click on the link and your application is in the system.
  4. Soon (usually within 1 week, but if we are very busy within 4 weeks) you will receive an email from Open Badge Factory telling you if your application has been approved or not. If your application has been approved, this email will contain a link which you click to accept the badge. The badge will now be transferred to your Open Badge Passport account or your Mozilla backpack account, depending on your choice in step 1.
  5. To display the badge in social media, you now need to access your Open Badge Passport account or your Mozilla backpack account. From there you can click on a button for sharing the badge in the social media of your own choice (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). You can also print (and then later on frame) your badge from here.

Feedback and/or complaints: please contact Bildningsalliansen.

Be an adult educator online!

Apply for AdEO badge here!


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