Our badge has new name: AdEO, short for Adult Educator Online

We have developed,  tested and awarded our badge and now it got its official name! The name we decided on is  AdEO, short for Adult Educator Online.

If you have not taken our badge yet, please feel free to try it! After the pilot phase in the spring of 2015 we decided to leave the badge open for others that are interested.

Apply for the badge on our website.

First results from the needs analysis survey

Now we have the results of the need analysis survey showing that all respondents’ use social media in their free time and 7 out of 10 use them for professional development and sharing educational content with colleagues online.

According to our respondents, it’s not lack of skills that keeps them from using web tools and social media but the lack of time because half of the respondents feel that they would use the Internet more for professional purposes if they had more time.

Of the learning platforms presented in the survey, Moodle and Facebook were the two activities of which respondents feel that they are experienced users. Even though Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer and other tools are widely used in general, it seems that the adult educators responding to our survey have little experience in using them.

Many, many thanks to all our respondents – your answers are valuable for further development of the badge.

We’re collecting…

Until the 6th of November 2014 we are collecting information on adult educators’ experiences and ideas. Please respond to our needs analysis questionnaire and don’t forget to click on the submit icon at the end. We value your contribution!

The questionnaire is in English, but you can also fill in the open questions in Finnish, Swedish or Icelandic (even though English is preferred).
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