30 minutes of pure gold


We huffed and we puffed, we discussed and we developed. And then we went live.

The beginning was not too promising. The facebook live broadcast would not start. The sound was dead. The image was tilted. And we were heading for a disaster.

Then something happened and everything started working, more or less.

We were live. And we managed to condense two and a half years of development work into a tight 30 minutes of experience sharing. When you watch this broadcast you will get to know our 9 badges, why we made them, how to use them, and how they can help in teacher competence development.

We think our eco-system of badges is really quite good. But don’t take my word for it, check for yourself!

Watch (and share) the recording of the webinar here.

PS, to make the recording more useful we polished the slow start. now it looks quite ok.

If you have comments or questions, head over to our facebook page “Open Badges for Adult Educators” and ask away!

Po(n)dering the future of badges


Open Badges are here to stay, or so it seems. Everywhere we go there is interest, and questions, and development suggestions. It is not to say that Badges are immediately implemented and will (or should) replace other forms of validation.

Shifting the way we see and understand things is a slow process. That is good. We should consider the implications carefully, and not plunge headfirst into everything new for the sake of it. So as we prod along there are times when the process can seem unnervingly slow, or indeed even halted. To combat that feeling of despair and to lift our eyes from the ground a bit we sat down after a nice evening together, in a small cosy hotel room in Stockholm, and started to share our experiences, thoughts, visions and more, on Badges today and tomorrow.

The result is a rather endearing podcast, which I hereby invite you to listen to, and reflect upon.

Listen here