30 minutes of pure gold


We huffed and we puffed, we discussed and we developed. And then we went live.

The beginning was not too promising. The facebook live broadcast would not start. The sound was dead. The image was tilted. And we were heading for a disaster.

Then something happened and everything started working, more or less.

We were live. And we managed to condense two and a half years of development work into a tight 30 minutes of experience sharing. When you watch this broadcast you will get to know our 9 badges, why we made them, how to use them, and how they can help in teacher competence development.

We think our eco-system of badges is really quite good. But don’t take my word for it, check for yourself!

Watch (and share) the recording of the webinar here.

PS, to make the recording more useful we polished the slow start. now it looks quite ok.

If you have comments or questions, head over to our facebook page “Open Badges for Adult Educators” and ask away!

Gothenburg workshop on FB live!

You now have the chance to learn all the good stuff about how to make open badges. We have toiled. we have worked. We have learned. Now we share.

17.5. 13.00 (Swedish time) Our Nine Badges to rule them all. Live on Facebook. No registration needed.

18.5. 13.00 (Swedish time) How we made it all work, our understanding of Criteria, our internal playbook and check list. All free. All for you. Live on Facebook. No registration needed.


Seminar “Open badges in adult education”

24th November 2017
European information centre, Gedimino pr. 16, Vilnius, Lithuania  

Registration (Deadline 15th November)

If you are working in lifelong learning and are willing to explore how open digital badges can help your organisation to recognise competences of adult educators, then this is the right event for you. An international team of experts from Finland, Sweden and Lithuania has conducted a survey identifying core competences of a good adult educator. The result (over 200 replies) has fed into the creation of Open Badges on 3 core competences for adult educators. At this event we will present, test and collect feedback about the system together with you. The day consists of two parts. One part presents the methodology, the system, and the learning concepts we build upon. The second is a hands-on workshop for you to start developing your own badge system. Please indicate in the registration form if you are planning to take part in the first or second or both workshops. Of course everyone is also invited for the common networking lunch from 13:00 to 14:30.

This seminar is a multiplying event for the international project “Open badges in folkbildning”, supported by Nordplus programme. It is free of charge.

Po(n)dering the future of badges


Open Badges are here to stay, or so it seems. Everywhere we go there is interest, and questions, and development suggestions. It is not to say that Badges are immediately implemented and will (or should) replace other forms of validation.

Shifting the way we see and understand things is a slow process. That is good. We should consider the implications carefully, and not plunge headfirst into everything new for the sake of it. So as we prod along there are times when the process can seem unnervingly slow, or indeed even halted. To combat that feeling of despair and to lift our eyes from the ground a bit we sat down after a nice evening together, in a small cosy hotel room in Stockholm, and started to share our experiences, thoughts, visions and more, on Badges today and tomorrow.

The result is a rather endearing podcast, which I hereby invite you to listen to, and reflect upon.

Listen here

Help us – get a badge!


We are now collecting your comments and thoughts on what skills and competences are needed to function as an adult educator. To this end we have made a survey. Please help us by filling it in. As a reward we are offering you an open badge to show your commitment and willingness to share your experience and thoughts on the matter.

The survey (and the badge) is open for a limited time, please act now!

To the survey

New project – meet old project

Yes i know. It can be a bit confusing at times. These pages were previously used for a Nordplus project on Open Badges (2014-2016). Rather than starting a new site for our Nordplus project 2016-2018 we decided to join forces.

It makes sense, if you think about it. The 2014-2016 project produced a lot of good material, results that we are more than happy to use and disseminate. Obviously the transition period can be a bit daunting. For the time being we are keeping the 2014-2016 partner page and presentation live, as that project is just wounding up.

But soon those pages will be archived, and the new ones will be published in their place.


We have liftoff!

Starting from NOW the Nordplus project Open Badges for Folkbildning is up and running. We have met in Helsinki for our kick-off meeting, and now things will start happening. I admit i am very excited about our new project, and the positive vibes at the meeting were quite tangible!

We will keep you updated about what we are all about, but in short our 2-year project will

  • Make a skills mapping study for teachers and volunteers
  • Offer a free platform for badge makers during the project
  • Make a good criteria guide for when you design badge descriptions and learning outcomes
  • Offer online and offline training for organizations and others about to start making open badges.

In other words, a whole lot is coming! bookmark this page, and come back often, to keep yourself updated. Tips and comments are also published regularly through our facebook community.