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In his blog entry Open Badges: Recognising Informal Learning Serge Ravet outlines some of the main characteristics of Open Badges and why these can be of use when validating informal learning.
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In this article Jan Sosniecki points out the usefulness of acknowledging the small steps a student takes in her/his learning at how Open Badges can be used for this kind of acknowledgement. Handing out badges for a small milestone a person has reached on the learning path can create the motivation for going further with the learning process. The author, Jan Sosniecki, teaches Danish as foreign language to adult immigrants over the Internet as well as the use of ICT at the Vestegnens Sprog- & Kompetencecenter in Denmark.
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Interesting article from Keith Sorensen on using badges in the classroom, where the author states that  badges encourage the students to try harder, do things differently, and think outside the box. Do you agree with the author, and does that also apply to adult learners? Please leave your reply.
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Kevin J. Brown writes that the four benefits of using badges in online learning are:
1. Autonomy to the learners
2. Educators can provide a variety of assessments
3. Learners will get many changes to excel by having the ability to try again
4. There is a greater level of feedback learners receive from the educator
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This is an article by Guðmunda Kristinsdóttir which was published in GÁTT 2015, annual journal of adult education. The journal is issued by the Education and Training Service Centre in Iceland. In the article, the project is described and the idea of Open badges in general is discussed. The author is a specialist in adult education at the centre and the Icelandic representative in the project. The article is in Icelandic but there is a summary in English at the end of it.
Read the article In Icelandic

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