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Criteria guide for your Open Badges

Creating badges includes several steps. This guide helps you with creating criteria.

This guide helps you, step by step, to put competence in words and describe how people can show that they have it.

For each of the five steps in the guide there is a short description, examples and questions for reflection:

  1. Competence
  2. Criteria
  3. Tasks
  4. Evidence
  5. Assessment

Explore our guide here. Feel free to share the guide with anyone who might be interested and let us know how can we improve it.

The Checklist tool

This checklist includes all the steps you need to create a good open badge.

  • Instructions
  • A step by step guide 
  • A chart to fill in

In it you find questions to answer, things you need to decide, requests you need to formulate and dilemmas you need to specify to be clear.

This tool is especially useful when you want to develop a whole badge system.

Tool: OpenBadgesChecklist (pdf)

Five steps to get a badge

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Five steps to create an open badge

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How to import/export our badges